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  • electrical 4117
  • plumbing 3022
  • hand tools 2926
  • power tools 2215
  • material handling 2174
  • pneumatics 1857
  • safety 1784
  • HVAC 1760
  • machining 1697
  • fasteners 1323

Expect to see more such products added in coming months, plus coverage of new areas including:

  • home improvement
  • instrumentation
  • motion control technologies
  • office furnishing and supply

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C-9, 3rd Floor, East of Kailash
New Delhi 110065

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The Raman effect is observed when a laser is shone on a material. All of the light is scattered, and a very small fraction of it shifts in frequency to produce a wavelength different than that of the incident light. Analysis of this diffused light (Raman spectra) reveals the characteristic vibration frequencies of the atoms, and thus also the chemical composition and structure of the material.

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